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We are there for you

Wunderoll stands for not a word but a feeling in us - what we feel when we can capture you photographically. We love the playful and the natural in our stories ...

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Nice to see you here on our site!

My name is Yannick and I am an explorer, developer, merchandiser, owner, lover and half of the heart of Wundertoll Photography.

I am always there when you need me. By mail, Whats app, emergency evening - Skype conversations and not to forget, on your very special day in your life together! Exactly when this special magic hovers in the air, the tear of your mom's cheek for joy, papa throws up at the altar or how you lie in your arms at the wedding dance in the evening and the sparklers sparkle around you!

Wedding reports and couple shootings, simply put, to go on an adventure with you, that's what I love. Strangers? Not in my eyes. For me, we are not just another service provider at your wedding, but good friends who are always by your side when they are needed. And we will!


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"Every unforgettable wedding story needs an even more unforgettable team behind it."

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